Gold Digger Christianity

We anguish in God’s presence when there is a severe drought, as we have been experiencing in and around Cape Town since 2015. Crowds (eventually) flocked to pray for rain but, after we did have above average rainfall during the winter of 2018, there are no mass meetings to thank  God for it. Did the drought not come from the God who sent the rain? 

Even as a child, I saw three major droughts broken miraculously, when our community congregated in church to repent from our sins and not pray for rain. One after the other would rise to pray, confessing a selfish heart. The church services had to be interrupted so that people could drive home. Torrential rains from skies that were clear half an hour prior. Man’s repentance is what moved God. 

Why only seek Him when in dire straits? 

Learn to seek His face, see His heart, not His “Wall Mart hands” and your life will improve.  Read here how Stacey sees it…..


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  1. Praise the Lord, Pete, thank you for the share ❤ I cannot imagine moving from one blessing to the next without thanking and praising HIM from whom all blessings flow! It truly is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a Living God ❤

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