No Fishing

When God removes some people from your, don’t you go fishing them back

There is a Biblical principle that applies to the believer. It sounds like this: “I will bless those who bless you but curse those who treat you with contempt.”

So often in church, we see how some people get rejected, shunned, even ostracized. I have seen dear, truly reborn believers who have given their lives and whatever material possessions they had owned, to walk out in faith in the Luke 10 way. They were made welcome by Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, animists, Taoists, pantheists, agnostics and the like. But they got a cold shoulder from their own fellow believers.

When a widow was retrenched by her dentist employer because of her failing vocal chords, she found herself alone on a raft in the open ocean of distressed material lack and discomfort. Her sisters at church displayed ample disloyalty en no love.

Another gent managed a B.Th degree summa cum laude. Smartass as he is, he went on to libel, slander and rile against Dr Andrew Murray, Dr Billy Graham, Brian Houston, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Angus Buchan, Michael W Smith and numerous others. He accused all of having gone off-course as just about everybody has to be a Freemason, something he regards as concentrated pure distilled evil.

The Bible is quite clear in that we should not be raising suspicions and also that we should avoid senseless arguing. Furthermore, not to accuse anyone without having at least two or three reliable witnesses.

We read about those with such toxic attitudes in 1 Conthians 5:9-13. Please read this attentively in your own Bibles or search online.

God has blessed you yet He sees where you can’t. He sees the ones who treats you with contempt. He then removes such hypocrites from your lives but don’t you go scavenging on God’s waste dump.

When God removes some people from your, don’t you go fishing them back! Let God be God!

Aaron died in the desert because he brought God’s house into shame and disrepute with his toxic, cynical attitude and fihghting. And his wife became a leper after speaking bad of Moses.

It tells me to be careful how I regard others.

I found no evidence of Brian Houston being sexually perverted as was suggested by the opinionated accuser. I found that Andrew Murray led many millions to salvation in Christ.

Of course, the slanderer never led a single soul to faith in Jesus. He goes with empty hands. After a lifetime with such, three weeks short of fifty years, I decided to cease & desist. One doesn’t need to quench thirst with poison.

I also found that I had no mandate to issue judgement about those mentioned but that I am not to eat with the slanderer but, instead, to remove him from the Body of Christ. Refer to the Scripture I mentioned for details.

Let us respect others. Treat opinion like virginity. Keep it to yourself.

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