Reverence & Respect

The Lord very clearly stated that, if you are a believer, He will bless those who bless you but curse anyone who treat you with contempt.

This verse is often misquoted from the pulpit in preachers and believers saying that God will curse those who curse you. But the Bible is clear: God will curse those who treat you with contempt.

One must discern carefully and not alter the meaning of Scripture.

Many try to reason why Maryam (Anglicised as “Miriam”) was struck with leprosy for speaking badly of Moses. One Rabbi even argues that she was only concerned for her brother. But the good Rabbi should re-read that Scripture as the Word implies that the sister of Moses was haughty, arrogant and seemingly jealous.

Her sin clearly was treating Moses with contempt. Moses who was so blessed by God that he was spoken to audibly in God’s own clear voice, audibly. Something I have first-hand experience of.

Speaking against Moses, she was effectively speaking against God. Why Islamic scholars, Jewish Rabbi’s and Christian doctors of theology can’t discern that, is beyond me. Maybe some don’t understand that Jesus is represented by the rock?

Best practice is to not question God’s anointed.

Then, when sent to speak to the rock, disobedience led to the rock being struck twice. Violence used instead of the prescribed verbal communication.

Scholars of the same volition as mentioned, can’t find why the punishment meted out to Moses and Aaron was so harsh as neither could enter the Promised Land. The scholars of the Scriptures fail to discern what had happened there.

The rock represented, figuratively, our Lord Jesus. The prophet brothers were sent to speak which was a referral to prayer. But then hitting the rock meant using violence against God.

What we see in both instances, is disrespecting what is dear, precious and holy unto the Lord.

What we should learn from this, is to fear the Lord, which isn’t being afraid of Him but a deep, reverent respect. When I then hear how some refer to God as “the man above” or “the old guy up there ” I’m astounded by their arrogance. As nobody would consider doing that when standing in His presence!

Please note that my internet access is irregular and unreliable and that I therefore cannot enter into debates.