Mythbusting: Formalin in Decaffeinated Coffee

There are so many prophets of disaster in the food & beverage industry. They shout “cruelty begins with a fork” or “don’t eat anything with a face.” Drivel. Man’s brain only started developing after he started eating meat. Science proved that sufficiently.

Coffee is another favourite on my table but there are so many activists wanting me off my brew. They say it is poison and when I mentioned my use of good quality decaffeinated coffee, some academic in my family nearly had a fit. “That is poison,” he forcefully declared, “our cousin Prof Dr XYZ told me it gets decaffeinated with formalin.” His eyes went white.

I have news from both academics: all coffee beans naturally contain formaldehyde or formalin and this gets released already when the coffee beans are roasted. It is not used or added to the effect of decaffeination. That is a myth.

My advice: use good Arabica as Robusta never was even seen as coffee until less than a century ago. Enjoy it with or without caffeine.

Good, caffeinated coffee oftentimes cure headaches. Try it!