Greatness of God in Female Curves?!

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I am a very wealthy man, a billionaire, if free time is the currency. Having retired from a colourful life of extremes, I tend to notice the extraordinary. As a former forensic auditor, among other things, being inquisitive has become natural.

A totally unrelated and almost foreign idea is that I also improved several automotive systems such as car suspensions for the sake of carnal pleasures, rally racing and off-road rallying with pipe cars. Back in the 1970’s and 80’s, I saw no reason to leave cam shafts, pistons or especially suspension compenents intact. Performance had to be improved. Centre of gravity needed to be lowered, without losing ground clearance.

Soon, one learned that playing around with fixing points for suspensions including shock absorbers and air suspensions, could turn a submarining cheap Jap sedan into a formidable racer with excellent weight distribution and the resulting improved handling and grip.

So, join an inquiring mind together with a creative one, add free time and soon everything within sight gets stripped, inspected, improved and then bolted together again. Sometimes with excellent results.

Being a keen observer, at a young age, I noticed that girls differed a lot from boys especially when viewed from the side. Little girls, even thin ones, tended to have rounded lower abdomens with a corresponding dent or curvature of the lower spine at the rear.

I never gave this much thought, until a week or two ago, when a specimen about a third my age came down the hill. Late teens to early twenties, give or take. Frontal views were attractive if not pleasing to the eye. Ditto rear view.

That is where it ended.

The rear end seemed to protrude with about two inches, as if the lower centre line seen from aside was that much behind the upper spine. From the side, it looked almost like an anomaly.

My own spine had a few extra curves since birth, more than one thing wrong with it. One of my deviations is called scoliosis, albeit a very mild case. Armed with a lifetime’s experience of spinal problems, special exercises, orthopedics and spinal surgery, I wanted to understand The Side View of the Homo Erectus Female.

So, on the most recent Sunday, I took to the www and started a search. Google dug up all I shouldn’t see and, after I became despondent, the Internet turned friendly and took my to a research article that taught me a lot.

As I wasn’t the only to notice this deviation, it was great to see that a few medical scientists noticed the same. They found that males used two lumbar vertebrae for making the spine to curve, whereas ladies put at least three to good use. This is what causes the more pronounced curvature and not as I had suspected for fifty-odd years, procreational equipment crammed in tight. Fighting for a good rear seat on the plane, so to speak.

The reason why this is, is the interesting bit: God seemingly is a suspensions modifying geek of note, playing around with fixing points. The more pronounced curvature shifts the centre of gravity resulting in better weight distribution and therefore greater control, balance. Also benefiting load-carring ability.

So the hillside stroller would be a safer option for carrying a precious load without toppling over and injuring a precious little abdominal tenant. She simply is a modified saloon, customised for a rather special assignment.

Add to that the fact that femurs differ from a male’s, a pelvis that can swing open like a pub’s doors by relaxing high tensile fibres that normally keep it together. Can you see the wonder of God’s creation. The sum of its parts delivers a specialist tool for taking care of the Important VIP Descendants to come. I am not convinced that evolution could ever plan life in so much detail.

A day later and I have to become the laughing stock of the global village, the village idiot even, yet I also have to point out the most intelligent design for a purrfect creation.

Imagine a retired old baldhead auditing the female skeleton to find such a marvel of ultimate scientific design, of the Highest Order!

My own techonolgical advances from thirty, forty years ago suddenly appear amateurish. Right?