FREE. Guaranteed – How To Stop Smoking.

Yesterday, my neighbour and I stood chatting either side of the fence. He is a retired police colonel and a chain smoker. Despite my objections, he still forced a Lucky Strike on me. More than 24 hours later, it remains as fresh as ever on the window sill. It will be disposed of soon.

Nicotine is a mean substance with a vengeance. I cannot understand why it is even legal. Every draw will drag no less than 4,500 different kinds of poisons into the lungs. The thing is that nicotine is a most addictive drug that can produce cravings and side-effects after more than two decades.

I was taught to smoke at age thirteen by elder cousins who wanted an accomplice that won’t tell. By the time I was twice that age, I’ve tried all tricks and technologies that had existed, from nicotine gums to cigarettes with carbon filters, the first wave of "lite" ciggies, the works. Then I found the perfect solution.

One day, I asked God to take the addiction away in His own time and left it to Him. Sounds almost like Eric Clapton now. Hehehe.

So, as I left it to Him, I continued smoking as I have given Him the burden to bear. I wasn’t ever going to try myself again.

One night a cousin came over to visit and we shared a bottle of good quality red wine in a room where my wife’s 50 deep red roses were in a bouquet. I loved bring her flowers.

The next morning, all the roses were just very dead. Not just wilted but stone dead. Then I realised this is it as I also had no craving for a smoke. I went to my wardrobe, took out my last unopened packet of John Rolfe’s and cut it into tiny shreds with my Tullens.

That was October ’89 of the previous century. In the previous millennium.

This truly worked for me! I’ve been clean since that October 1989. And never a craving, or weight gain, or any side effects.

Trust Jesus also with your addiction. Read Eric Clapton’s autobiography and see how Jesus took away his alcohol addiction. There are similarities.

I don’t judge those addicted to whatever but rather send them towards the Lasting Solution.